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iTunes Toolkit brings you the features that Apple left out of iTunes.

In our opinion, iTunes is the best program for managing a music library. Notwithstanding its many impressive functions, iTunes has some limitations—which is where the Toolkit makes its entrance.

iTunes Toolkit simplifies the process of adding new songs to your library. It will scan your hard drive for new tracks and import them into your library. Alternatively, the program can find all music tracks that are not in your iTunes library—regardless of date. Not only will it add tracks, but it can also automatically organize them in one playlist or several playlists by album or folder location.

Deleting tracks from your hard drive is as easy as adding them. iTunes Toolkit helps you locate unwanted tracks and can—in addition to deleting them from your library—delete them from your hard drive, remove orphan JPEGs, and delete empty folders.

The program can also track down and help you repair those elusive dead tracks.

Finally, iTunes Toolkit will help you organize your tracks in playlists in ways that are not possible in iTunes—by unchecked tracks, album track count, or file location.

Additional details:

  • System requirements:
    • Windows XP or newer
    • iTunes Version 7.0 or newer (iTunes 8.1 or newer is required to take advantage of all features)
    •  Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or newer.
  • Free for personal use. Registration is voluntary. No reminders or nag screens.
  • Download your copy today!